Joe Rogan & Tucker Carlson Suggest Trans People Are Supernatural Evil

Joe Rogan's rhetoric about trans people is getting increasingly dangerous.

Joe Rogan & Tucker Carlson Suggest Trans People Are Supernatural Evil
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On the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan and disgraced white nationalist newscaster Tucker Carlson seem to argue that trans people are the work of Satan and/or other supernatural evil forces. The exchange is below, beginning with Rogan’s description of a story that recently made waves in right-wing media, but about which I can’t find any news coverage from sources that aren’t explicitly transphobic. Suffice it to say, his complaint is classic moral panic material and straightforward hate speech. To wit: 

ROGAN: I was having a conversation in the green room at the club the other night about this guy from Canada that's HIV positive, that's a trans woman that's taking hormones so they can breastfeed their nine month old daughter. So a biological male is taking hormones and is now breastfeeding their daughter off of their male tit. And I said, "If I was Satan, if Satan was real, I would do that."
CARLSON: Exactly. 
ROGAN: I mean, if Satan was gonna do something insidious and unbelievably creepy, he would do that.
CARLSON: Well, I think he is doing that, obviously.
ROGAN: But this guy's a a real freak.
CARLSON: Well, but right. But he's also—
ROGAN: And it's like, using public money too.
CARLSON: But he's a victim too. 
ROGAN: Sure.
CARLSON: Right. Because the thing about evil, the reason that evil is distinct from everything else, it destroys the vessel it's held in. The conduit through which it flows destroys the person. So that guy in the end will not thrive. 
ROGAN: Right. 
CARLSON: He'll be destroyed too. And so that's how you know that it's supernatural. In other words, if I steal your iPhone and sell it, and I get an extra 400 bucks, that's kind of explicable. You understand why I'm doing that? I want the 400 bucks. But if I'm encouraging your kid to castrate himself, I'm not really benefiting from that actually. There's no material benefit to me at all. There's no real psychic benefit. It's hurting for its own sake. And that's evil. There's no political category that explains that. 
ROGAN: Right. And then there's clearly money involved in that. 
CARLSON: There is money, of course.
ROGAN: Then there's the gender affirming clinics that have popped up all over the country since 2007. You see the map of it, it's fucking bananas.
CARLSON: But why would you want to do that? Why would policymakers want to do that?
ROGAN: Why would anybody want to make money that way, right? Why would they choose to make money that way.
CARLSON: It's the most unnatural thing ever because parents, every parent at a certain age is like, "I like my kids. I want grandkids. I want my line to continue."
ROGAN: Right. And you want to protect your children from bad decisions.
CARLSON: So I always think the politicians who push tr—yism on the country, their kids are going trans too.
ROGAN: Yeah. they are.
CARLSON: Right? They're not escaping it. It's like, they're burning down their own house.
ROGAN: I would like to see the statistics of people in Hollywood, like how many of their kids turned trans versus the rest of the rest of the world. 
CARLSON: A lot. I mean, I know some of them.
ROGAN: Yeah, I know some of them too. But how many of them versus the rest of the world?
CARLSON: Well, a lot more. A lot more.
ROGAN: Which is a morally corrupt business.
CARLSON: Yes. Like more than we knew. More than I knew. You know, the entertainment business—
ROGAN: It's always been that way. You know, Tarantino was talking to us about this famous old director that had a bedroom in his office where he would bed the starlets and it was just common knowledge. If you wanted to be in his movie, you had to fuck him. And you'd go into his office. He had a literal bedroom in his office.
CARLSON: We had some of that in television. Quite a bit.

Rogan later tells Carlson, who left Fox News amidst allegations of gender discrimination and whose longtime “right-hand man” was accused of sexual assault, that he’s a good guy. “You’re a controversial character in the world, but you’re misunderstood,” says Rogan, who earlier acknowledged that he’s been friends with Alex Jones for more than 20 years. “I think if people pay attention to your actual work and the things that you talk about, you're generally a force of good. I really believe that.”

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