What I Liked

What I Liked

I thought I might send out a list of things that enriched my life this year. Here it is, by no means comprehensive, in no particular order.

-“Advent” by Heather Christle

-The Government Lake by James Tate

-The Heavens by Sandra Newman

-The Word Pretty by Elisa Gabbert

-What You Have Heard Is True by Carolyn Forché (could not put it down!)

-“Quartet” by Simple Town


-I’m Killing It!!!

-The Scottish Highlands

-Lisa Hannigan & Stargaze: Live in Dublin

-Atlantic City at UCB

-TV Dinner at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective

-Rajat Should Not Be On SNL (heh heh heh)

-Mr. In Between (does anyone else watch this show?)

-Mister America

-The Man In The High Castle Season 4 (against all odds the spirit of The OA lives on)

-Goliath Season 3 (gripping! Timely!)

-The Affair Season 5

-An Emmy For Megan Season 2

-Long Shot

-Craig Fixada America

-Hollywood Handbook


-What We Do In The Shadows

-“Napkin Begs To Be Eaten

-“The Loop” by J. Robert Lennon

-“Auteur Theory” by Fran Hoepfner

-Marriage Story (SO SUE ME)

-The Oregon Coast

-The Other Two (Wanda Sykes! Ken Marino! The rest!)

-This Is Branchburg

-The Cancel Con

-Kachka (this one is a restaurant)

-The Righteous Gemstones

-Means TV

-Ad Astra (I liked when there was an evil monkey)

-High Life (I liked when there was a spaceship full of dogs)


-Factually! with Adam Conover

-This Podcast Is Self Care

-I’m Scared But I’ve Been Here Before

-Samin Nosrat’s fesenjoon recipe

-Lots of other stuff I will remember as soon as I hit publish

-My friends :-)

Happy holidays,