What I Liked

2020 edition.

What I Liked

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Being your own boss means it’s okay to post your 2020 year-end list more than a week into 2021. Well, here it is, an incomplete recounting of what got me through last year. Under the arcane and inscrutable bylaws of this newsletter, I’m allowed to include things released before last year so long as I consumed them last year. Okay:

-Raisin Man Arena, a podcast and weekly Twitch show

-Women Talking, a novel by Miriam Toews

-The Jakarta Method, a history of US-backed anticommunist violence by Vincent Bevins

-The comedic stylings of Simple Town:


-Relaxing Old Footage with Joe Pera

-The Brooklyn Comedy Collective

-The Greek island of Aegina, known for its pistachios and pistachio-based products (not pictured):


-Here We Have Idaho, by Matt Barats

-Reveries: Going Deeper, by Matt Barats and Anthony Oberbeck

-The Jeselnik and Rosenthal Vanity Project

-Hollywood Handbook

-“My Mommies and Me,” an essay by Alexandra Tanner

-Leonard Cohen’s posthumous final album Thanks for the Dance

-The Unreality of Memory, a book of essays by Elisa Gabbert

-The comedic stylings of Sarah Squirm

-The poetry of Carl Phillips

-“Molly,” an essay by Blake Butler

-The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanDerMeer

-”The End of Poetry,” a poem by Ada Limón

-“It Came to Me,” a poem by Sara Miller

-In the Distance, a novel by Hernan Diaz

-Exclusive Content, a newsletter by the comedian and writer Megan Koester

-Perspectives, a newsletter by the historian and writer Patrick Wyman

-Going Downs, a newsletter by the journalist and writer Claire Downs

-The comedic stylings of Grace Freud:

How many gay people are there? pic.twitter.com/8lK1kPsC1ESeptember 17, 2020

-The Others, a novel in verse by Matthew Rohrer

-Raised by Wolves

-The Third Day

-First Cow

-The Last of Us II

-Ghost of Tsushima

-“Conner O’Malley: The Weird and the Normal,” an essay by Chloe Lizotte

-The Palouse region of northern Idaho:


-Donald Trump catching the novel coronavirus

-Uncanny Valley, a memoir by Anna Wiener

-This Is Branchburg

-The comedic stylings of Sam Saulsbury:

This Is How Dating In Quarantine Feels pic.twitter.com/zJ5sfF9gCbOctober 6, 2020

-The writing of political commentators Osita Nwanevu, Alex Pareene, Sarah Jones, Tom Scocca, Libby Watson, Samer Kalaf, Ryan Cooper, Lyta Gold, & many others

-The writing of cultural critics Jo Livingstone, Maria Bustillos, Kim Kelly, Lauren Oyler, David Sims, Alison Herman, Caroline Framke, Alexander Chee, Zach Schonfeld, Angelica Jade Bastién, Rosa Lyster, & many others

-The musical stylings of Radical Face

-The musical stylings of Mal Blum

-“Flex,” a short film written by Charles Gould and directed by Matt Porter

-When Bernie turned into a monster

-My freakin’ THERAPIST

-My wonderful friends and readers :)