Thanks! And also,

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Thanks! And also,

Hello Humorism readers—just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for subscribing to this newsletter, and to let you know I’m currently running a promotion on paid subscriptions. For the next couple weeks, you can subscribe for 20% off your first year: $4.80/month and $48/year. There’s also a pay-whatever-you-want-above-$48 annual tier that comes with free merch (details TBA) for any big spenders out there.

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You know the spiel. The paid subscription comes with occasional premium posts (and the ability to comment). A few examples I’ve unlocked for your perusal:

-"I don't actually think those things,” a look at comedy’s alt-right underground, Louis CK’s return, and how they’re related;

-Comedy's Coronavirus Deniers, an early pandemic look at comedy’s coronavirus deniers, several of whom have since come down with coronavirus;

-The Tree Test, an essay about formalism and two very funny comedy shorts by Joe Pera and Matt Barats;

-This Is Still A Huge Problem, about the structural mechanisms in improv communities that empower and protect abusers;

-Comedy’s Tucker Carlson, about Tim Dillon’s dangerous defense of Kyle Rittenhouse.

More importantly, your subscription will support the work I publish for everyone: my review of Colin Jost’s memoir, my interview with UCB CFO Daryl La Fountain, my reporting on UCB’s plan to pay interns in scrip, my reporting on mass layoffs and other comedy labor issues throughout the pandemic, all manner of other criticism and commentary, I couldn’t do any of this without Humorism’s premium subscribers.

If I can just toot my own horn for a second, this isn’t the kind of writing you’ll find elsewhere. Nobody else out there is seriously following comedy’s radical right elements, labor exploitation in improv, the social and professional structures that protect abusers in comedy, or even the extremely obvious problems with Lorne Michaels’ leadership of SNL. I think it’s worth a few bucks a month.

Get 20% off for 1 year

Okay, that’s all on that. Whether you just signed up this week or have been around since December 2018, thank you for making this newsletter possible. I’m very grateful for your support.