Some Funny Things

Some Funny Things

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What a bad day it is to be online, until it gets maybe good, or alternately even worse! Here are some of my favorite funny things if you would like some funny things in the meantime.

“The Button”

Something reminded me of this Picnicface sketch the other day. I forget what. Been years since I last watched it. Holds up!


It is no secret that one of my favorite sketch groups is Good Cop Great Cop. Well, here is one of my favorite sketches by Good Cop Great Cop.

“A Song About Apples”

I shared this this in the Premium Newsletter the other week but here it is again, free of charge.

“Oh, What A Beautiful Day”

A new video sketch every month, from your friend here at The Trevor Show. Oh, what a beautiful day. 5, 2019

I don’t know if that’s actually the title of the sketch but it sounds right.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

One of the greatest long games there ever was.

“going to the store”

One of the greatest short games there ever was.

Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born Takes Place In An Alternate Reality Where 9/11 Never Happened”


This Speech Was Written For President Nixon To Deliver If The Astronauts Didn’t Make It To The Moon

This is probably my favorite ClickHole.

“Staying In”

Pretty much any of Joe Kwaczala’s “31 for 31” videos would be appropriate here but this one is most aligned with my personal interests.

An Insane Idiot And His Collection Of Descending-Size Deer Heads

This was on SNL. That’s crazy!

“Office Hours”

The end of this one is……… …… … so funny, to me.

Please Help Me I Am Very Sick

This is my favorite comedy album, by Tim Gilbert. This is my favorite bit on that album. This is my second favorite bit.




Here’s something of a pilot 👨‍✈️ if u will of a little cartoon show with incredible score by @heyguyscameron

September 19, 2019

My friend Sarah recently showed me this little cartoon by Toler Wolfe. It’s so weird!

“The Astronauts”

“Sucks… sucks about the ship.”


I admire this film for how it strikes, I think, an uncanny vein of humor in its juxtaposition of strange and even frightening images. I guess it also helps that there is something deeply, deeply funny about Ike Ufomado’s cold expressionless stare.

“3D Printer”

“Have you ever seen a bear kill something?”

“These People Reminisce About The First Time They Understood The Joke Of Bart Simpson (Rude)”

And this would probably be my second favorite ClickHole, although it’s VERY CLOSE.

“Potato Chip”

This hall-of-fame SNL sketch does not appear to be on YouTube or NBC’s website anymore, however, I have found it cut across the following three tweets. Enjoy:

potato chip by SNL. part 1. as requested by @dublinbusenews

i couldn’t just add one clip because it’s the most surreal sketch in SNL and it deserves all the attention it can get 20, 2018
potato chip by SNL pt.2 20, 2018
potato chip by SNL part 3. the end 20, 2018

Okay cool! Have a good Super Tuesday and be safe out there. Also I guess there’s a comments section if you want to use that to share whatever’s making you laugh today. Go wild.