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A quick break from our regular programming for some self-promotion: I have a feature in The New Republic today tracing the far right’s origins in the New York City comedy scene. It also goes a bit into some of my own travails covering the community, and lays out a bit of evidence connecting one of its gatekeepers to the racist forum that’s led harassment campaigns against me and others.

If you’ve been reading this newsletter, much of this story will be familiar to you. Some of it, I hope, will be new and surprising.

More importantly, I couldn’t have written this piece without your readership, and the opportunity you gave me to examine and develop many of the story’s central threads. It hit me this morning that it’s been just over a year since I sent out the first paid edition of this newsletter, which is now paying my rent. Thanks as always for your support, whatever form it comes in. And here’s that link to the New Republic again.