For now.


Hello, just a quick note to let you know I'm putting this newsletter on hold for a month or two. I've got a handful of non-journalism work things I need to focus on, and also, frankly, I've been feeling very… out of new things to say for a while now. (I suspect this has been apparent.) I've been meaning to take some time and figure out whether other forms of media (e.g., a book) might be more suitable for whatever my "project" is here, so I'm gonna figure that out too.

I've paused billing for paid subscribers. A handful of you just had your annual subscriptions renew; if I stay off longer than a month or two, I'll prorate or refund your subscriptions accordingly. If you'd like a refund now, though, I'm happy to oblige—just let me know. I'll also still be available by email if you want to chat.

In the meantime, three recommendations for you:

Until soon,