Humorism Recommends: Matt Barats' "Cash Cow"

Matt Barats is the rare comedian-filmmaker whose sense of humor is matched by his sense of beauty.

Humorism Recommends: Matt Barats' "Cash Cow"
Image via Matt Barats.
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Good afternoon, premium subscribers: today you get the treat of two installments of Humorism content. Normally I like to spread these things out by at least 24 hours, but our schedule this week was disrupted by a robust immune response to the flu vaccine and Covid booster—honestly just an amazing, inspiring, all-out 36-hour immune response for the ages. But it wasn’t all bad. While I was in the thick of it on Friday, I had the pleasure of watching Matt Barats’ documentary feature Cash Cow, which you can currently rent for five bucks on Vimeo. Longtime readers know I’m a big fan of Barats, in particular his short film Here We Have Idaho and the Reveries shorts he made with Anthony Oberbeck and Graham Mason. Then there’s Sadie Hawkins Day, the play he co-wrote and performed with John Reynolds at UCB back in 2016, which to this day is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen live. I try to avoid hyperbole when describing comedy (no, really), but Barats’ work puts me to the test. It really does make me laugh harder than almost anything else out there.