Coming soon

Coming soon

I have some good news. In the next month or so I will be relaunching this newsletter with more regular content, including a paid subscription tier. The good news is related to some bad news. A week ago I learned the copywriting job that's paid my bills for the last four years is ending. I knew this would happen sooner or later and prepared for it; I'll manage. For now it means I have much more time to devote to the work that matters to me (posting).

More info soon on the particulars of the paid subscription. First I want to spend some time figuring out what I can do with this newsletter that readers will care about and cannot get elsewhere. We'll still focus on comedy and labor, but hopefully a broader and more granular set of issues than my current beats.

To that end I said on Twitter yesterday: if you are in Los Angeles and doing comedy in any capacity—indie sketch, corporate improv, bar shows, PAing, making web videos for yourself or some massive corporation, writing funny tweets for a brand—I'd like to talk to you about your experiences, challenges, concerns. I'm starting with LA because I just moved here (lol) for at least the next three months, so I might as well take advantage of that. But I'll also extend that call to everyone on this list, now, wherever you are. What issues are you dealing with in your comedy scene or workplace? What stories aren't being told? What problems aren't getting the attention they deserve?

Please let me know what comes to mind and let's chat.