Comedians Hate Violence


Comedians Hate Violence

Okay, fine, here's a take. One thing to bear in mind as an interminable parade of comedians cry and moan about Chris Rock getting slapped is that pretty much every comedian is okay with violence, either proactively, through their support of violent comics, or implicitly, through their silence about violent comics. They love the stuff. They still worship Louis CK, they pal around with Jeff Ross, they play at the same clubs as TJ Miller and Bryan Callen and Chris D'Elia, they'd crawl over their best friends' corpses to work on SNL, the show that deftly buried its child sex abuse scandal by hiring a bunch of next-gen alt comics happy to rehab its image. This is a violent industry. You cannot succeed in it if you are not okay with violence, the violence of men against women, the privileged against the vulnerable, the powerful against the marginalized. It would not function, not in its current form, if comedians said no to violence, if they said no to Just For Laughs and no to comedy clubs and no to the theaters and training centers where so much abuse has gone unexposed, let alone punished. If they said no to their friends, which they'll never do, because that's really what it's all about. Comedian as identity, comedian as protected class. Comedy as a fraternal order, a badge. You would have to change everything to get rid of the violence.

lol he deleted after this, give him a few days before he’s doing a circuit of media appearances on cancel culture 28, 2022
Fuck Will Smith's candy ass smacking a dude 4 inches shorter and 50lbs lighter. He's just in his feelings cause his bald headed bitch been fuckin around on him for years and he takes it. We all know who he wishes he could slap. #CuckWillMarch 28, 2022
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Wait they let Will Smith stay the rest of the night after he slapped Rock?March 28, 2022
I mean, it's amazing that twitter attacking comedians for making jokes here about last night don't see that they're doing the same shit Will did last night. When people take jokes literally, society is just over.March 28, 2022
I still have this insane old school view of the world where I see what Chris Rock did as a joke, and what Will Smith did as violence. I’m probably the crazy one. 28, 2022

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you have got to be kidding me 28, 2022


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